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Typical artist that I am, I’m not good at promoting my own work but I have no problem promoting my fellow artists (and friends). Some I’ve known my entire life.

I was lucky enough to meet Lola at a dinner party some years ago and we decided we were separated at birth. Okay maybe I decided. She is a woman one never forgets meeting, enormous talent and a force to be reckoned with. She and her husband Mikael Sandgren make hauntingly beautiful music together.

I will admit to a growing envy as none need my promotion but I’m proud of them and what they have achieved in a very difficult calling. Karl is a writer but he looks like a painter so I’m throwing him in.

Something for everyone:

Lola Gayle-Sangren http://youtu.be/v0FeBP2-fjE

Joerg Metzner         http://www.joerg-metzner.com

Robert Levine         http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/961-robert-levine

(Robert has a show up until May 30th downtown: http://www.mama.gallery)

David Skinner          http://www.dskinner.net

John Wigmore          http://www.johnwigmore.com

Daniel Fyffe             https://www.facebook.com/fyffeart

Sandow Birk            http://www.sandowbirk.com

Karl Greenfeld         http://www.karltarogreenfeld.com/karltarogreenfeld/home.html

If you made it this far I thought maybe I’d sneak in a new drawing…

Loftus inspired