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When you support local artists your purchase does more than you can ever imagine. Even after you’ve forgotten what you bought or why you bought it, even when you give it to someone else, swap it, put it under the bed, rediscover it, dust it off and love it forever…

Here is what you are really doing: paying an electricity bill, buying canvas, building a dream, building someone’s confidence, investing in your financial future (or perhaps your children or grandchildren) investing in history, continuing a narrative, creating a narrative of your own, buying a window into another world, and refueling your neglected imagination.

A drawing or painting and the like will last (generally speaking) longer, and continue giving longer than a cell phone, a car, shoes, tablet, laptop, or super hero costume.

Remember what Basquiat sold his little drawings for on the street? Look up what they go for now. Too bad he can’t enjoy it but back then it bought him milk…or was it heroin? Oh you get the picture.

In my case, every time someone buys a painting it keeps me working at home. Not only can I continue what I love but I can be here for my mother; a person who has always been here for her family.

Thank you.