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Not in the mood to paint, I decided to take some old paintings and make a few diorama’s with old doll furniture and working lamps I bought from a doll museum in Santa Monica called Angel’s Attic. If you live in the area I highly suggest a visit to their museum. The curator Charles is wonderfully knowledgable about the beautiful Victorian home it is housed in and the owner’s story of how it all came to be. The entrance fee is $8 dollars and all proceeds go to an Autism charity the owner started. It is an amazing place, the kind that is harder and harder to find in Los Angeles.

My lamps needed new bulbs so I drove over to one of the last remaining hobby shops in Los Angeles – and it is the real deal. Evett’s is on 1636 Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica.  They are working on their website at the moment but look them up on Yelp and you will get their story. Building model planes? Go there.

Keep small businesses alive.